Aiden- Chapter 1, A Cold Morning

Hi Everyone! Today I’m starting a new book called Aiden (pronounced eye- den) This book explains what is going on as it continues so I won’t say much about it here, but the first chapter is a bit confusing, so I’ll explain it a bit.

It starts of with a girl, and later on it cuts to her when she was younger. Anyway, enjoy!


She woke up shivering, with a blanket wrapped around herself. When she opened her eyes the world started swirling and spinning around. Closing them again the girl felt someone place a cold washcloth on her forehead.

“Wh- who are you?” She kept her eyes closed as she asked the question, raising her eyebrows and causing the towel to fall off her forehead.

“You will probably be dizzy for a few minutes and you will be really hungry.” Just as the voice said that her stomach gave off a furious growl and she moved uneasily.

“Who are you?” She asked again, the fear in her voice gone but replaced with an accusatory tone. She opened her eyes and furrowed her brows as the world began to spin. She pushed herself up against the pillow so that she was half sitting up and could look around the room. She saw that she was laying on cot in an old shack the roof had leaks in it and rain was streaming through. A man was leaning against the wall staring at her and another man, much older was wetting a cloth in some cold water.

“You had a fever and your clothes were all torn and ripped up. You came to our house screaming something was after you. Your legs had scratches on them all the way from the thighs down to your feet.” She winced as she attempted moving her legs. She tried to remember what had happened that night, but each time she was met with a blank memory. Her vision blurred and she quickly wiped at her eyes hoping that no one had noticed the tears that had threated to spill over.

“Thank you. But who are you?” She asked again, staring quizzically at the older man, now coming towards her.

“I’m Ben, that’s Aatto. Who are you?” The elderly man gently pushed her back down and placed the wet cloth on her forehead. She stared at the tin roof before saying,

“I- I don’t remember.” Her voice died and she stared blankly at the roof. There was a silence and the younger man, Aatto walked towards her bed.

“You seemed like you were grabbed by some animal, but the scars weren’t of any animal claws. Are you sure you don’t remember anything about that night? We need to know so we can let the others at the vi-” He stopped talking when he saw Ben glaring at him.

“There are others? Why did you stop? Where are they? Why do you live in this shack then? Why don’t you live with the others?” She fired the questions at them in rapid fire, one after another. She looked from one man to another, studying their faces.

“I see. You don’t trust me.” She closed her eyes again and tried her best to remember what had happened that night. A scream could be heard and her eyes shot open. Instead of seeing the shack roof she saw herself, screaming for help crawling on her ground. Her clothes were torn and she was frantic, constantly looking back. Half her hair was ripped out, and her legs seemed to be paralyzed as she was dragging herself forward by her arms. Seeing the shed, she dragged her body there, weak with fatigue and raised her hand to knock on the door.

“Le- Leave me- al-one Ai- Aiden.” She passed out and the shack door opened, revealing Ben’s face.

Her eyes shot open and she saw an empty shed, but she could hear shouting outside.

“I said she was mine!” She peeped out the door, her legs threatening to give out under her. Grimacing, she held on to the shelf for support and saw Ben and what she thought was Aatto.

“I can’t let you take her! Not after what happened to her! YOU NEARLY KILLED HER!” Ben screamed at Aatto before he received a blow to the side of his head.

“I did not kill her you fool! You were the one who did not tell me to use cold water not hot!” He towered over Ben and his eyes began to flicker from brown to blue as he stepped closer to Ben so that he was towering over him. Looking at the arm he raised to hit Ben, she saw the tattoo on his hand.

“Aid-en?” Her voice cracked and she quickly shut the door. Aatto’s head snapped as he turned his head to the shed, his eye’s a blazing blue. He walked into the shed and when he saw that she was awake and out of bed, he quickly walked towards her, his eyes once again changing from blue to brown.

“How much of that did you see?” He said, his voice deep and metallic sounding. She shied away, avoiding his eyes and fled to the corner of the room ignoring the screaming pain all over her body.

“I said, how much of that did you see?!?!” His voice was filled with anger now, and he walked towards her, and lifted a hand towards her chest. She screamed in agony, as a she felt her rib cage being pulled at, as though it were about to come through the skin.



I pulled awkwardly at the hem of my skirt as I walked up the stairs of my classroom, in third grade. “Silverstorm Elementary” Bound to give your kids the education they need. Sure, I rolled my eyes and recited what I had been repeating over and over in my head. Math, second period, third floor, room 168. I preferred to walk by the stairs since most other students used the elevator. I wasn’t bullied, but I didn’t talk to anyone, I didn’t have any friends and I didn’t enjoy play dates or hanging out with other kids. I always wore the same thing to school. My freshly washed school uniform and a bracelet that had two beads, one yellow and one white that had “AA” on it. I always supposed that they stood for my initials, Adeline Adams.

Despite all the rude remarks and strange looks, I enjoyed school. But my favorite part of school was always coming home.

I hope you enjoyed,